First, I offer my obeisance in the lotus feet of my revered Guru – Sri Om Swami ji – with whose grace I am here on this platform and to members of community whose goodness and kindness motivated me to write and share something with all of you. This is my first post and I don’t  know whether it is worth your time or not. But, I am venturing on this journey considering it an opportunity for resonating feelings of my heart and soul. I want to make it clear here that this poem has not been composed by me. Long ago, it was published in a newspaper and it touched me. I don’t remember the name of its composer for which I seek forgiveness from him and you. Although words are not mine but feelings are definitely mine.  So, here it is –

चाहिए मुझे मुक्ति

पर नहीं आती ऐसी युक्ति

कि मैं उड़ सकूँ

पंख फैलाए तिर सकूँ

नाप सकूँ अनन्त आकाश

जाग सके आत्मविश्वास

मेरे प्रभु…

कुछ करो

मेरा ध्यान धरो

जो बीत गया

कयों रहूँ उससे संयुक्त

करो वर्तमान से भी मुक्त

भविष्य भी न बने बंधन

न हो भय का स्पंदन

मुक्ति बने साध्य

वही बने मेरा आराध्य

मुक्ति बने जीवन गीत

वही बन जाये अनहत संगीत

सारी ऊर्जा करे आरोहण

करे मुक्ति का वरण

लग जायें पंख

कुछ ऐसा घटे

हर हिमालय चढ़ पाऊँ

जो है अलिखित वह भी पढ़ पाऊँ

कोई पंथ कोई ग्रंथ

न बांध सके मेरे पग

बस भरता रहूँ ऐसे डग

जो हों द्बैत से दूर

अद्बैत से भी दूर

न बंधन न क्रंदन

न रहे कोई आकांक्षा

स्वीकार कर लूँ – हरि इच्छा…

As above poem is in Hindi, I have tried to translate it in English for all those who are not familiar with Hindi. Hope you will enjoy it and forgive me for any mistakes what so ever. Here, it goes –

I want liberation

But, don’t know the solution

So that I could fly

Swim spreading my wings

Measure the immeasurable sky

And, awaken my confidence

My Lord…

Do something

Shower your blessings

why I am carrying my past

Make me free from the present

Create no bondage in the future

Just abolish any feeling of fear

Let liberation be my goal

Let it be my God

Let it be song of my life

Let it be music of my soul

All energy should ascend

For Liberation to attend

May I get wings

It so happen

Every Himalaya I could climb 

I could read the unwritten

Any road any book

could not bind my legs

I want to take such steps

far from dualism and non-dualism

No bondage, no desire, no cries

I could accept – Sri Hari’s wishes..

Thank you all for your patience. I will love to read your feedback and comments.

Jai Sri Hari!