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– There was a King ruling over a particular state. In his court is a Minister which is a holy man. A time came when this minister of the king renounced the world and becomes Sage and goes to the forest. After some time, this king also follows the minister’s path and become his disciple.

-The turning point came when minister (Sage now) left this world and attain higher realm. After his departure, the Disciple (who is king before) becomes Mathadhish (Abbot) there. Now the disciple though renounced the world but his habits (when he was king) are the same as before. Thus he is trapped in the pleasures there also. Due to this reason when he left this world does not attain higher realm (as the minister). 

– Nearly 2000 years passed, that King again take birth and since Minister was committed (Vachanbadh) he also has to take birth again.(otherwise there was no need for minister to take birth, as he already attained higher realm). Now in this birth that minister did not make anyone his disciple, on the contrary he made friends only. The Name of That Minister in this birth is Jaydayal Goendka Ji.

Why this story?

– Jaydayal Goendka ji is the man behind the establishment of Gitapress whose tagline is “Serving Humanity for Truth and Peace Since 1923” Below are words about him by Swami Ramsukhdasji :-

शंकराचार्य जी ने 35-36 वर्ष में जो काम किया, वो आज तक कोई कर नहीं सका। वैसे हि सेठजी ने भी जीवन में बहुत काम किया। उन्होंने बड़े जोर से आते हुए कलियुग का सामना किया! उन्होंने ‘गीता प्रेस ‘ कि स्थापना कि और पुस्तकों का, सत्संग का प्रचार किया, जो अभी भी बढ़ रहा है!

(No one could do the work that Shankaracharya did in 35-36 years. By the way, Sethji (Jaydayal Goendka ji) also did a lot of work in life. He faced Kali Yuga with great vigor! He founded ‘Gita Press’ and propagated books, satsang, which is still growing!)

This Gita Press is now a household name everywhere. They are famous for their selfless service, books published at much low cost etc.

Kalyan/ कल्याण

Kalyan is the spiritual magazine published by Gita Press every month. “Kalyana” (Hindi) and “Kalyana-Kalpataru” (English) are monthly magazines devoted to the betterment of life and the well-being of all.

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Every year in the month of January a special issue focused on some spiritual subject useful for the seekers is published. The magazine is published every month for the remaining eleven months.

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How To Get Books of Gitapress?

1. By accessing Gitapress Website. For that Click Here and Here

2. To Orders Books on Amazon I have personally verified the seller whose name is Narayan Pustak Bhandar. To Order from Them Click Here

3. On Whatsapp from Braj Mandal Gita Press Publicity Centre, Vrindavan. For That Click Here

4. For Gita Prakashan Books, Click Here

5. For Kalyan Magazine Subscription , Click Here.


P.S. :- 1. One can also read Kalyan Magazine for Free by Clicking Here.
2. Gita Press Books can be read online for free by using GitaSeva Application. To Access That Click Here

P.P.S. :- Below are the pictures of Visit of President of India and C.M. of Uttar Pradesh to Gitapress Gorakhpur on beginning of Commencement year of Completing 100 years (1923-2023) by Gita Press.

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