Life is a roller coaster ride. If eyes are open one can see highs and lows. But if eyes are close its just a similar experience on both highs and lows.
Life ride starts from birth. On childhood I was given a checklist sheet containing tasks to be completed if not completed will end up with unhappy life. My ride was going very smoothly. I was obedient, sincere, brilliant etc etc etc daughter and student. But life took turned nothing happened as per checklist sheet I was following. Didn’t had a robust body to support plans. Didn’t able to land up on good career , hence loss the points. Then did love marriage at correct age as per the correct age mentioned on the sheet. But neither love nor marriage
lasted. Loss heavy points this time and was lagging far behind on the race. I tried
hard to again gai acceptance fromsociety then did second marriage, thinking will take some position on the race. But funny thing happened we were not able to bear child due to medical reason. Then what, already my points were so less, this time I was totally
eliminated from the run. I have tore my checklist sheet. No more the run. Neither interested in society guidelines to lead a happy life nor spiritual guidelines to lead a happy life. Simply floating with time and trying my best to make each day complete.
Everyone is a weird piece to fit in others mind. Fixing our mind is so difficult why to try others to fix you.

Daily doses of black lotus wisdom, meditation and raks as per each day need helps building my immunity to face everything in life.
Thank you Swamiji for your presence.

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