I chose this topic, as recently I had started keeping Ekadashi fast from January 2022.

Now a days in the name of fasting, many fad diets are there in market and social media, particularly intermittent fasting (IF). But in ancient times, in our culture, it was  observed that people used to eat before sunset, because digestive fire is minimal in later hours of the day. 

Earlier it was difficult task for me to keep a fast, including Karwa Chauth. However; it was intuitive during the  new year, i felt like my body was saying, i need rest, so no more food please 🥺.  If it’s a nature’s signal to tell you, when to fast, then whole process feels good and refreshing. If fasting is out of compulsion, your mind and whole energy is stressed out. Then entire day is spent in  thoughts of food and waiting for the fast to be over.

Self imposed fasting can be used as Sadhana and it will make you learn the nature of your body and imprtance of food. According to medical sciences, fasting when done correctly, it  detoxifies, relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind completely.

A few observations through my experiences:

1.  More energetic

2.  Feeling of fullness is replaced by lightness.

3.  Improved will power and discipline.

4.  Understanding hunger.

5. It’s a spiritual practice.

6. Best time to cleanse body and soul.

7. Deep meditation and self connect.

It’s better to start with one or two days of fasting a month for the beginner and rely on what the body tells you, rather than following others. Lot of benefits of fasting are described in the medical literature.

What is your experience on topic of fasting?

Jai Shri Hari to all🙏🙏.

Thank you for reading.

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