Q. How to control our mind?

Ans. I have written a bit about it, and I have also spoken a fair bit about it. You have to go on my YouTube channel and also on my blog, and just put your question in the search box and something will come up!

I’ll give you very briefly one answer – There is only one thing I have championed in my whole life – it’s not building companies, it’s not being successful -it’s Meditation. I only know how to meditate. In my introduction (in the event), it was mentioned that I’m well versed with Vedic Scriptures and all that… I don’t claim that! There is only one thing I know, and that is – How to do meditation. And the effects that come from meditation, I have demonstrated those effects under lab conditions. So, I will tell you in simple words, how to control your mind : Your mind is like a toddler. It is forever going in different directions. When it goes south, bring it back to your object of focus. When it goes north, bring it back to your object of focus. That’s the only way to control your mind. If you start analyzing your thoughts, if you start analyzing “Oh! I am thinking this. Why?  Why is it happening to me? Why did that happen to me?” and so on and so forth, you won’t be able to control your mind! It will drag you with immense force, and it will create what is called “Feelings” in you. 

When a thought comes to your mind, if you don’t abandon that thought, it either becomes an “emotion”, or it becomes a “desire”. If I think of a cup of tea for example, if I don’t drop the thought at that moment and continue to focus on what I should, then I would feel like I want to have tea! And that becomes my desire. If I dropped (the thought of) tea at that moment, it won’t bother. And the only thing it requires is “Mindfulness”. That alertness that “It’s just a thought. I don’t have to act on it”. If my mind says “Please lift these slips here (the slips of questions that were kept in front of Him)”, and I say to my mind, “Okay. You do it. But, I’m not lifting my hands!”. Mind has no power, it can’t lift it on its own! It’s just that understanding that you are not just the mind, but something or somebody beyond it. That will take you there.

Q. Are you Self-Realised? I want a binary answer – Yes or No.

Ans. You have the right to ask me a question, you don’t have the right to tell me how to answer it! (Laughter and Applause). So, I have never ever bothered by anybody’s question. People ask me all sorts of questions. I don’t believe there is anything called dumb question, there’s only a dumb answer. I hope I didn’t give you one of those. (Laughter).

So, you have the right to choose which question you want to ask, I have the right to choose which question I want to answer. Am I Self-Realised? Here’s what I will tell you, and it’s not the first time someone has asked me this question, and I’m not a computer that will give you a binary ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, and you’re not a calculator that you register my electrical discharge on that!  You’re a human being! You haven’t asked this question in a binary form, but you’re asking for a binary answer. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is not binary, ‘1’ and ‘0’ is binary.

So, if you feel peace in my presence, if you feel a certain transformation taking place in my presence, then my Tapas (Austerity), my Fire, is real. (Applause). If you don’t, then please know – It’s not something that’s lacking in you, it’s something that’s lacking in me. So, if you don’t experience anything, I’m not Self-Realised, that’s the answer. If you experience something, then you decide if my fire is real or not! 

But I will tell you one thing – I have no Mission. I have no Vision. I am not going on a grand Mission/Vision to build infrastructure, or to build movements, or to teach you any Kriyas, or to say that you do this and you’ll find God, none of that! THERE IS NOTHING THAT I WANT FROM THIS WORLD. In one year, I meet people roughly 30-40 days in the whole year. I like to be in my own time, in my own solitude. I like to reach out to people using my writings, and that’s what I do. 

Anybody, in whose presence, you experience Love, Peace, (then) you are in the presence of a Self-Realised person, simple as that. That person could be dressed like an ordinary person. That person could be all fancy in a robe. Doesn’t matter. 

And the question should not be Am I(Swamiji) Self-Realised. The question should be Are you(Ourselves) Self-Realised. And the answer is – You turn off your phone, your laptop, get off all social media, your ultimate connectivity and so on, lock yourself in a room with a little bit of food, and stay there for 48 hours. No reading. Nothing going. Just you, in your own company. And tell me if you’re bored, restless, or happy and in bliss! If you feel happy in your own company, the whole world will feel happy in your company. If you don’t feel happy in your own company, don’t expect others to love you! 

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