Q. Is filling your heart with love and kindness worth it?

Ans. This thing of filling your heart with love, and kindness, and beautiful feelings, believe me people, it’s totally worth it! It’s so worth it that it’s the only thing that’s worth it! “Everything else is secondary”. That seeking, finding, running around, that anger etc everything will just dissolve (if you fill your heart with kindness). It’s that beautiful acid that’s going to dissolve all those things! Because the world will not stop, your life will not end. It doesn’t matter how dire the circumstances, life is going to move on. So, never lose hope, never lose heart, because it’s not the end of the world.

Q. How to practice compassion in our lives?

Ans. Compassion is always “unreasonable”. True compassion is unreasonable. You cannot say “Whether this person deserves my compassion or not?”. You can perhaps make that call in terms of forgiveness. You can make that call in terms of charity. But not when it comes to compassion. Compassion is a state of being. And I’m not saying when you practice compassion, you cannot share with the other person how you feel! I have never said that. And I think that will be misunderstanding compassion, if by compassion you thought that people can shout at you and you just listen to everything politely and quietly! That may be just Ignorance! Compassion is really “giving the other person a benefit of doubt”. Compassion is “your commitment to leading and conducting yourself a certain way”. That’s what compassion is in a nutshell.

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