Q. If we have to walk on the Spiritual path, then how to keep ourselves enthusiastic from within, and how to keep ourselves motivated?

Ans. See, I meet a lot of children. And, I like meeting children too. I think : “Their entire lives are in front of them, if at the right time, somehow the car gets on the right track, then the entire society will be benefited by them”. So, they ask me, “How to find interest in studies?”. And, nobody likes studies! No one can find interest in studies! God knows who invented something like studies!! I think that the most boring thing ever invented is “Studies”. 

Yesterday only, I was talking to somebody that “This stone is a limestone”, “This mountain is so and so”, “This is Calculus”, why should I bother with it? The one who needs to bother would do it himself/herself. The Education system needs an Overhaul.

But the child who gets the taste of getting ranked in the first division, one who gets to taste the blood of Success, he/she automatically starts finding interest in studies. Because, every person does any work with the intention that – When this work gets completed, then how much happiness I will get! 

Similarly, in Spirituality, if you get to savour its taste even once, then you will yourself feel enthusiastic. But the problem is “savouring the taste”. It takes time. Here, you yourself have to cook Roti (bread), you yourself have to sow the seed, then the crops will grow, then you will have to take care of it, then you will have to cut it, and perform all the other actions on it, so that you can finally eat it. You have to do everything yourself. If there is any Guru, then maybe He can give you some recipe. like, “See, I get good taste with such and such, with less spices, if you also feel that, then you can prepare it in a similar way”. 

And always, you should take small Sankalpas, and keep moving forward with baby steps. The people who have read my memoir, they many a times think that I just woke up and went to the woods! And there, I went and sat in the lotus posture, and that’s why I got the darshan. All these things are true. But before that, there is another Truth of 30 years. I was engaged in my practices, since the time when I was 6-7 years old! Just like, in Olympics, if someone earns a medal at the age of 20, then that doesn’t mean that he/she woke up one day, and ran, and won. Instead, we must understand that behind that success, there is a Sadhana of a lot of years! 

So, about taking such an intense step, it is not like I read some book and said, “Jai Mata Di. I am sitting now and won’t move until I get the darshan”. (Laughter). This wasn’t the case. That’s not practical. It doesn’t work that way. 

So, one must take small-small steps, but just keep taking them, and just keep walking. If you sat down to meditate today for 4 hours, and then for the next 4 months, you didn’t sit at all, then it is absolutely pointless. 

Does any one of you play any musical instruments? Anybody? Okay. So naturally, you must have learnt it. I hope so! (Laughter). If you would have learnt it, then you must have been told that “Everyday, some amount of practice is required”. Or else, everybody forgets quickly. If you sat one day, and did it for 10 hours, and then for the next 10 days, you didn’t do it at all, then it doesn’t have any benefit. Even if you are doing it for 20 mins daily, but just keep doing it every single day. 

So, you must inculcate spirituality in your daily life. Just like I have to eat food everyday, similarly, I also have to meditate everyday. I have to contemplate, I have to do Swadhyaya (Spiritual Study), or whatever you want to do, whether it is Bhakti, or anything, depending upon the path on which you are walking. 

And the other thing which I usually say is : To convert everything into Sadhana. That is the easiest path! If you are sitting and eating, even for once, just try to eat as if doing a Yagya. It is a Yagya of Vaishvanara Agni (Digestive Fire), and I am offering oblations into it, one by one. See, your eating will reach to a whole new level! It will become a mini-anushthaan (spiritual practice) in its own right! 

Before doing any work, say to God : “O Lord, you are the one who’s doing it. If you have made me your medium, then please reside in my Intellect, so that I perform good works with good thoughts”. Then, your Sadhana would increase, as it won’t just be a 20 min thing, your entire day would become Sadhana! And with that, you will start to get the fruits of Sadhana, and Spirituality’s colours would automatically start to paint your life.


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