A few days back I was watching a Movie- “Lucy”. A series of questions arised in my brain which I jotted down to share with this beautiful family community.Before showing up my questions I want to brief this movie- A girl named Lucy was used as drug mule by a drug dealer to smuggle a drug named Cph4(modified name by director)-6Carboxytetrahydropterinsynthase.Accidentally drug got leaked in her body ( as drug packedin her belly via surgery)and hence her brain started acting in a super efficient way with the increase of dose .At last with the sufficient quantity of drug it showed her brain became 100% efficient and she became invisible. She became omnipresent. Now questionnaire😊😊😊
1.Although Lucy is a science fantasy but it has got really a fantastic subtext that if human can achieve 100% efficacy of brain then will it be really wonderful? to be very specific for constructive purpose.
2.How can we unlock our unused mind upto 100 percent capacity spiritually?
3.Through research it shows up that it can be achieved through “Meditation”but this word has got wide horizon. So again How?
4.If achieved what else left to achieve further for human being? As there there will be no adventure!!
5.What will be it’s natural side effects?
I want share something interesting about this imaginary drug:
It forms in pregnant women body during 6th month of pregnancy to develop the bone structure of fetus….its amazing!!! I want to dig it deeper because “Ignorance cause chaos not the knowledge” as said by Lucy. #The WriteChoice