This Quiz is based on Nav Durga Sadhana – Invoking the Divine Mother. The first nine questions are related to the nine auspicious days, one question for each day. The last question is about Navratri in general.

 Happy quizzing! 🙂

1.      Which is the energy dominant mantra on the first day of Nav Durga Sadhana?

a. Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah

b. Om Devi Chandraghantayai Namah

c. Om Devi Sailaputryai Namah

d. Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah

2.      Which Devi is clad in white, holds kamandal in her left hand and japa-mala in her right hand?

a. Shailaputri

b. Kalaratri

c. Brahmacharini

d. Mahagauri

3.      Om Swamiji says, “It is my awakened mantra. Anybody who is interested in Tantra Sadhna should do the purashcharna of this mantra.” Which mantra He is talking about?

a. Hrim yaksinyai svaha

b. Aim malinyai svaha

c. Hrim subhagayai svaha

d. Om namaschandikayai

4.      What is common name of Devi worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri?

a. Katyayani

b. Kalaratri

c. Kushmanda

d. Chandraghanta

5.      On fifth day, Devi Skandamata is worshipped. What is the special ingredient used in yajna (fire offerings) on that day?

a. White sesame seeds

b. Black sesame seeds

c. Camphor

d. Jaggery

6.      Which tantric mantra is chanted on the sixth day?

a. Aim vagvadini mama jihvagre sthira bhava sarvastvavasamkari svaha

b. Klim kapalike karalavadanayai svaha

c. Aim malinyai svaha

d. Klim vasatakarinyai mahaghorayai svaha

7.      On which animal does Devi Kalratri mount?

a. Tiger

b. Lion

c. Donkey

d. Bull

8.      What is the tantric invocation of Goddess on the eighth day?

a. Chamunda

b. Yakshini

c. Vashatkarini

d. Chandi

9.      On the last day, which ingredients are used in purna-ahuti?

a. Red sandalwood

b. White sandalwood

c. Dry whole coconut and red sandalwood

d. Red sandalwood and white sandalwood

10.  According to Hindu calendar (Vikram Samvat), in which four months does Navratri occur?

a. Chaitra, Ashadha, Ashvin, Kartika,

b. Chaitra, Sravana, Kartika, Magha

c. Chaitra, Ashadha, Ashvin, Magha

d. Vaisakha, Bhadra, Kartika, Phalguna

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