Radharani Devi you are so dear to all of us. Your name is madhu-makha (Mixed with honey). Even Bhagwan himself has asked us to take your name first- Radhakrishna. 

Sometimes I like to think that You are in your abode, doing some work like stringing garland for Bhagwan and I, your child, sitting next to you. Or when you are going somewhere, I am walking behind you. 

This very thought wraps me with  love and secure feelings. It feels like I am with my mother and my troubling thoughts start loosing its power in front of you. We love you dear mother.

Nalin ji had once shared a  beautiful song with us- “Yamuna maiya kari kari/Radha gori gori” and it became one of my favourites. Here I have tried to share this song with you. 


Song (Link)

Yamuna Maiya Kari Kari



यमुना मैया कारी कारी राधा गोरी गोरी |
वृन्दावन में धूम मचावे बरसाना री छोरी |
व्रज्धाम राधाजू की रजधानी लागे ||

Yamuna (referring actually to Krishna) whose complexion is dusky while the complexion of princess Radha is fair

A girl belonging to Barsana village has held a special place in the hearts of people of Vrindavan

Brij is like her own place, capital to Radha ji


मीठे रस से भरी रे, राधा रानी लागे,
मने कारो कारो जमुनाजी रो पानी लागे |

Water of Yamuna ji (Krishna) seems inky (dark as ink)

Radharani is Charming, and full of sweet nectar



ना भावे मने माखन-मिसरी, अब ना कोई मिठाई |
मारी जीबड़या ने भावे अब तो राधा नाम मलाई |
वृषभानु की लाली तो गुड़धानी  लागे ||

I don’t like fresh white butter sprinkle with sugar nor any other form of sweets

All that my heart loves is the sweet name of princess Radha

Vrishavanu’s daughter’s name is the only thing which is the sweetest to me



राधा राधा नाम रटत है जो नर आठों याम |
तिनकी बाधा दूर करत है राधा राधा नाम |
राधा नाम मे सफल जिंदगानी लागे ||

The one who takes the name of Radharani round the clock

His hindrances in life are removed by just chanting the name of Radha

Chanting name of Radha makes the life successful in all ways

Lyric from Maanya Arora ji’s YouTube channel and Bhajanganga

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