Finally it came today morning to our city. Everything became green ,  wet  and dark in look, appearance and color.  Clouds and thunder  and lightening… all are sitting together and talking to each other. It feels they have travelled from far and now have decided to take a nap here in my city for some moments… Moments  or month.. for them it must be moments. I am travelling with them in my mind. .Feeling the cold air in my feet.. I am hearing the birds. There are a lot of pigeons in our building. They are scared a little because of the thunder. They  are making them safe by hiding inside the roof of the building. I must say most of you are in love with the smell of the wet soil. The moment water drips on top of the dry soil , a peculiar kind of scent comes from the soil.. Ah….. its divine. I wonder how come the universe is so mysterious.  

                                                        Along wait is over. In the vast plan of  Universe there is a solution to every problem. Like before some days it was badly hot and humid everywhere. As time flies , the rain came like a dancing queen and started to make everything soothing  and cool.  Nature is so powerful. Every time it teaches us something new. And we realize it can gulp us in seconds.  No matter how much advance we are , no matter how much we research , we can not dominate it.  It hammers our ego.  The energy is so powerful that it can make a flower and it can give a storm.  We can not make them. Only we can study them and name them .. Do they really have names?  I do not think so. The names will make us less confused.  Like I am sweta but if I do not have a name then there is no identity.  Similarly scientists gave name to stars. So that it will be easy to follow and study them.  In reality they are all merged in that vast Universe. I wonder if there would not be names behind us then feeling the universe inside us would have become more easy.  Well… it is only my personal feeling.  In that case we all would become SHIVA and SHAVA… There wont be any separate identity  . Unless I emerged.. That individual ego .. which discriminate and separate each one of us and create that boundary. Then we say it is SHAKTI that starts playing or  MAYA. ..Maya.. the individual ego.. It is that rain.. which completes the dry soil and give that scent… 

                                                              Whatever it is  let us celebrate with rain. Let us drench ourselves to our core. Let every drop of rain touch our soul and in that spur moment we will look in the sky and we will be one  in that rain drops. What more we can offer to rain? In you beauty and charishma  everything else will melt.. Let the water take away our bad karma or let us be grateful  by dancing with rain. Let us forget everything. Hate, lie, tears .. OOO Rain please flow through our body, our mind and touch our soul and make it wet.  So that we will be that scent.. that divine scent….

                                                                      Pujya  , Beloved  Master   tell the rain to drench all of us in its divine nectar….

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