Thunderstorm accidents are rising now.

Yesterday it was a pleasant weather in the evening.When we get to see such a weather after a sunny day and scorching heat,it soothes our soul.The black clouds covered the sky and wind started to blow.Me and my cousin,Mahek dancing with joy came out and started enjoying it.We had spent some time in the beautiful weather and it started raining.Rainfall was accompanied by thunderstorms.

I always hear that black colour attracts lightning however I don’t find any relevance.I had worn red T-shirt.I felt as if lightning was approaching to me.I was afraid and went inside with my cousin.

When I was a child,then also I used to love rainfall and used to spend so much time outside even in thunderstorms.Because I was not afraid of the thunderstorms.It happened recently about some  years back that I have started hearing about the thunderstorm accidents.

One such accident I know,happened with my father ‘s friend.He was on his way back to home when thunderstorm and rainfall started.He was on bike and to protect himself from rainfall,he stood under the tree.Suddenly,the lightning struck the tree and he collapsed.He died on the spot.

Then of course I have read lightning striking various buildings in the newspapers.When we are aware of such accidents,we protect ourselves.

And now rainfalls are always accompanied by thunderstorms,I don’t know know🤔.Whenever I get excited about weather and think to enjoy and spend some time in rain,this lightning always disappoint me.

There might be some changes in the atmosphere and in sky that such accidents are rising.

What are your thoughts on this,dear family?

Live,Love, Laugh

Yours Ripandeep ❤️