O beautiful Lord…who have led me
from darkness to light
turning an ugly worm
into a being all bright
what might I offer in return

Oh from the lines of your feet
flows grace like the Ganges
down the mountainous grief of men
cooling their minds
attuning their hearts

This life so short
insignificant and fading
has found its meaning in You
in your goodness I’m good
in your kindness I’m kind

O sweet Bhagwan
your need is acute
to worship You is to find oneself
so many are lost
because You are lost to them

I pray unto you
may I never lose you again
the wisdom of life is to lead quiet days
in your loving contemplation
night and day

In the twinkling of your eyes
swims such mercy
as if the grand Universe speaks
whatever is your burden
I will uplift

Thank you, O Lord
for the rain of your mercy
You are truly all that’s auspicious
You are the maker
and the Rainmaker of your flock…

O ageless Kailasha
I’m but a pebble in the Giri
desirous of your blessing
to find the ways of devotion
a place in your heart

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