O sweet Mother
unseen and unknown
there’s this power
I feel in my veins
what am I to do with it
where should it go
from where does it come?
Are you its source
or is it you
this surge of happiness
clear as a steam?

So many dark years
have gone in a haze
now you are here
and the Sun of bliss
has finally risen.

O Mother of the Earth
Mother of all
it’s your asylum I seek
unworthy as I can be
I promise there are moments too
of great sanity.

In this noisy world
a sea of people
each one so different
as if an alphabet
I can’t decide if I love or hate.
It’s perhaps the nature of the mind
to oscillate between the two.
Oh I so don’t care
if this makes any sense
what’s the sense of anything anyway?

What I do know is
that in loving you
the one I don’t see
praying to the one
who’s never sitting across from me
my world is complete.

Ah now I feel
the nameless power
that had nowhere to go
has found an expression in you!
The babbles of a child
only a Mother can understand.
I hope you do
it’s the rain, Mother
it makes a wondering heart ramble on.