– From childhood everything is changed. First school, then college and then job. But what not changed is telecast at 6:45 A.M. on local akashavani radio channel of Ramcharitmanas written by Goswami Tulsidas ji. 

– As Bhagwad Gita is Lord’s Song, Ramcharitmanas is Bhakt’s i.e. Devotee’s Song. There are 2 ways of explanation. First one is By Saying and Second one is By Doing. In Gita it is explained by Saying and in Ramcharitmanas (Ramayana) it is explained by doing.

– I remember whenever it is telecasted on radio my grandfather (Nanaji)  records it in cassettes (at that time no CDs, pendrive etc. Are there). But the problem is he records in whichever cassette he found near the radio. ☺️ In the same way following him I also started recording of all the episodes of Ramacharitamanas whenever it is telecasted (first in cassettes then blank cassette and then with the advent of technology in Mobile etc.)

– I have no thought of writing this post but when I have read amruta’s post on ramayana decided to write this post so that all fellow seekers will be benefitted. The feeling when ramcharitmanas is recited along with these episodes can’t be explained in words.

– Some months before I have hit the jackpot I have found all the original  episodes recorded and telecasted by AIR Akashavani Radio of Ramcharitmanas on Internet.  Thus I want to share it with all the fellow seekers. 

– I am attaching here 1 episode audio files of that, as a example. 


In the Comments section I am sharing direct link for downloading that zip file which I have mentioned above.

P.S. :- सिय राम मय सब जग जानी।

          करहु प्रणाम जोरी जुग पानी ।।

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