– Remember love is the strangest thing. When you have love you will be over the moon and it will seem as if nothing can stop you. 

Love is something that opens our eyes to new discoveries.

– What is it all about life that we demand ?  Is the only thought of success, money or fame that brings you true happiness?

-We were in different places around the world and you can tell it’s silly but it felt as if we were still connected by each sunrise and each sun set. ♥️ (TO OS.Me Family)

-Competitions are for horses not for artists.

– Human seems to be the only creature that say they live freely, but they are far from the restrictions they place for themselves.                         We are not just bound to our work; but our homes. We live in a small isolated location; a cage perhaps would best to describe it. (Lockdowns)

– You can live more Love more do more and achieve far beyond what you have done so far. Act as if nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Run towards your greatest life ever !!!



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