Komal’s post on resistance made me realize today morning that I was resisting myself from participating in this challenge 😛 as I have been busy lately and wanted to enjoy laziness for a few days. Anyhow that did not work, as it has also been many days since I participated in something fun like this. Also, this series has been sitting in my draft for a while. 

So, I present some of my best recommendations, some books (A Book in a post)  that I found really amazing in a few words so to keep you from getting bored.

 Jurrasic Park by Michael Crichton 

Most of you might have already seen the movie, or even the entire series of movies but let me tell you, this book is a different ball game altogether. 

As I write this, I am reading the book for the second time after reading it first back in January.

It’s the spine chilling thriller you need to keep you awake at nights And also one of the few books that literally have zero negative reviews. I mean Zero.

It’s a science fiction that takes you on one of the most adventurous rides of lifetime. And guess what ! It’s one of a kind because you can never visit a dinosaur based theme park in real life (atleast not till now)

A rich -old man purchases a vast island called Isla Nublar and attempts to control the forces of nature while building a theme park that inhibits animals from 65 million years ago. And when it’s almost ready he invites a team of People to stay over the weekend.

This team involves two kids, two paleontology experts, a Mathematician and a Lawyer. 

The old man takes pride on how he can control the whole park online with minimal human supervision. Or can he? This book has one of most chilling twists and turns I have experienced.

You will have an amazing experience while exploring this theme park with the team and will have a hell of a time going through the entire adventure! Trust me when I say that It’s really really hard to put down

Weekend is approaching and I suggest you go on this mind-blowing trip 😋


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