Reality and Unreality, when we sleep is unreality and reality is to do and show.

I am going give a story try to image that is happening to you :

If you dream of something that you won like in chess, piano, running race (your dream) etc. We all enjoy the feeling. Sometimes we feel that today i am going do work hard. Then some body comes and demotivates you and goes, How to you feel ? You feel angry, frustrated and unhappy right because you hate getting demotivate. Now you go to others, now they are motivated you in that angry mood will demotivate him.

This is what happens so’ for this we can;t blame others or we can’t take it on yourself. We can just take others light when they are in bad mood, Think that the mouth is saying that not his mind or heart is saying. We should not impact our mood on others. Then we can be peaceful !

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