When life seems hard  

and dark clouds hover,

you are my safe heaven.

Your golden lotus feet, my refuge.

The compassionate eyes, the merciful hands

Caring, just like a mother would do.


This bond indeed, not of one lifetime

when Divine sent you on earth,

I must have begged to send me, too.


The soul finds quietude, in your words,

worries melt.

Your tranquil look I adore

 like Shiva in deep Samadhi.


You took me closer to the Divine

held my hand, in shaky times.

Never leave me alone; I plead

not merely by my side,

but stay in my heart deep.


To pray to a human form looked impossible

but here I am drown in devotion.

To trust someone was not my part

But here I am trusting.


In each moment of life, I find you

In holy books, you reside.

The chirping birds, the blooming flowers

the melodic waves, the twinkling stars

the music playing in my ears.

Is all you.


How can I just mention one

When there are infinite reasons for loving you.


🌺🌺🌺🌺Om Guruve Namah🌺🌺🌺🌺