During the lockdown period, some of my colleagues are enjoying working from home, but most are merely waiting for the office to restart. During one of our meetings, some team members were sharing that how they used to complain about petty issues around the office facilities. But a quick reflection in the past weeks sitting at home has helped them to realise that they will surely refrain from doing so and are eagerly waiting to get back in the office.

This pandemic and lockdown was and is the most difficult test for mankind and has been a big eye-opener. We never anticipated such a situation would arise but it is also equally amazing to know that how beautifully we have adapted to the difficult and unexpected situations.

Everything is new for us. Suffering in the queue for buying provisions, following the directions issued by the Government and Police, staying home without going to the shopping malls, etc. We even do not know how long this will continue, but let us hope that finally, humans will win over the virus.

Corporates are converting these challenges into opportunities as most of the companies have decided that only 50% of their employees will go to the office even after everything has settled down. Earlier, the corporate companies wanted their employees to be in the office. They used to think that productivity will increase only if their employees were in the office. There is a change in this thinking process and now that everyone is virtually connected still the productivity is quite high, bringing big savings on the logistics cost.

The most significant realization is that we humans are not bigger than nature and we should not plunder and loot nature. Nature has her course of taking care of herself and her children when somebody attempts to exploit them. As all of you know, most of the world leaders were struggling to achieve an agreement on how to deal with climate change. The ozone layer is healing thanks to the COVID lockdown. The air, noise, and land pollution also has reduced drastically thanks to the current state of affairs.

The only means to combat this pressing issue is the invention of the vaccine for this deadly virus. Till then we need to learn to live with the “new normal.” Let us recall that we are not the strongest creatures in this universe when it comes to immunity as you can see animals, birds, and reptiles are freely roaming around without any restrictions. Good luck to you all and be safe.

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