Namaste Respected Supriya Ji , 

I am very Much Inspired by your mesmerizing Comment, Respected Supriya!

My Words fallen  apart without any Eloquence, beyond Paraphernalia

I appreciate  your Good Gesture, Words of Devotion

I admire  Your Upanishadnic Interpretation

Swami Vivekananda says  Those Alone Live who Live for others

In times of Crisis  Your Compassion binds the  Two Cricket Teams  Together! 

Citing ” I” Citing ” You” shall make the balloon of EGO more Flatter

None ” is Elegant None is ” Beauty“🌼

All Glories to the 🙏 Divine Almighty!

O Divine  SarvaMangalya

Thou is the Only Witness of this Samsara!

Thee Make, Thee Toss, Thee Only Sprouts as  Infinite Sahasranama

Thee  enlivens  Mooladhara to One’s Sahasarara

Thee Anadi Thee Aadi Thee manifest as Swayambhu

Thou is this  Creation  Thou is that   Annihilation !  Thou essence smeared  over billion  Ubiquitous human impromptu

Ramprasad Sang  them ” Prakriti O Maa!  Thy Loving  Leela ” 

Meera’s voice Touched  Thou Lotus Feet, through Her Sarira!

Radha Equiposed with thou Blue Eyes “Madhura!”

O Lord SarvaMangalya

Thou is the Only Witness of Samsara!

Kabira says  O Sadhoo! “I” dwell in One’s Prayer! “Idwell in One’s Vishwas. 

Bibhuti Yoga Chapter 10, V.41

Yad Yad Vibhutimat  Sattvaṁ Shrimad  Urjitam eva va “

Tat Tad Evavagachchha tvam mama tejah ansha sambhavam ” 

Thank you for being Kind. 

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