🍁About This Poem: The Soul is a weary traveller. It wants to abide in rest, deep deep eternal rest. This is the Soul’s longing. After living through all this life, a time comes, when we become spiritually tired. The Soul wants to merge in that restful state where there is eternal peace. In this poem, I have tried to capture this feeling. Hope, you’ll feel it too.


The dark expansive sky above my head
This body of flesh and bone
This heartache…like a stabbed arrow
This lifelong madness…

These hopes and dreams and longing and seeking
This panting and crying and bleeding and head-banging
These embraces and good-byes, living and dying
This coming and going—like a merry-go-round…

This great ignorance and knowledge, learning and growing
This listening and reading, thinking and feeling
This asking and looking, walking and reaching
This trying and praying, emptying and uniting…

A tired soul I am.
Rest!—is all that I want.
The rest that is for ever
Eternal and sublime…