Right now I feel a void
Deep in my bosom
An emptiness as dark as light
This ‘right now’ has no date
No time
This longing visits me anytime
The rain outside right now
Is drenching the interior
Of my body, craving hard for light
I am afraid right now
My lips uttering His name
My eyes worshipping His image
Might dissolve into this night
This night, so sweet it is
As dark as the divine light
I feel a longing like never before
But it’s sweet as pies
It melts into my throat
Imbuing a sweetness inside
Right now I am empty
of this world
Even if it is for a while
My every cell and bone
For Him bitterly cries
I ask you right now –
When the world empties out of you
And your longing reaches to its brim
Can anything be sweeter and lovelier
than this longing divine?

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