“Be Like a mountain and flow like a great river.”  Lao Tzu.

Things don’t go the way we want them to. Stop. Haven’t I used these lines many times, and haven’t I bored you with my posts. Sorry but this was something I wanted to test myself with.

  When was the last time you stood for

  • Your words
  • Your commitments
  • Your timeline
  • Your progress

And when was the last time you kept a promise to yourself.

And how is the way you workaround at your work Place? How does your execution of plans go?

  • Are you among those who complete the task that you have taken in hand( I am not)
  • Do people love to work with you? ( Are you a team player, I am not)
  • Do people trust you with their thoughts(Yes, sometimes)
  • Do you keep to yourself that which others have shared with you( Always)
  • Do you make a best friend in the office(Sorry, as Swami says nothing is personal, so, inside the workplace, it is all professional)
  • But are you the one to whom critical work can be entrusted? (Sometimes)

In which category do you fall, as life can’t be a smooth journey for anyone, but still, we need to understand that when we commit to complete something, then it should be like you are a standing rock. If someone trusts you with something, you need to trust that you are there whatever happens. If someone had trusted you with their lives, don’t make a fool out of them. Make promises that you will keep, and this will be the new year resolution that should be on the list(Maybe I take it).

And whenever you take a task in your hand, make sure you complete it. It should be like that if people entrust you with something, they know you will make it happen. Give your 100 %.