[ It is a poem penned by my daughter Siddhani. The other day she happened to see some videos about women exploitation which made her almost sick. These are her expressions about what she felt ]


Killing Life even before it has a start, 

Is this how you define a human heart?

How brutal an act, It is hard to even react..

To do such a disgusting deed, 

To think of killing a newborn seed..

That little life which you destroyed from your sight,

Will it not haunt you every night?

Big and powerful indeed your dart,

Showing your domination over an innocent heart..

The poor child does not even know what horrors have been done,

While you simply go out and enjoy under the sun..

You say you lost control of yourself,

Even the screams of the child did not help?

“It was a simple mistake” you say looking pale,

While the women suffers just ‘cause you were a male

She wants justice because it is her right,

Our law, alas! seems to take an awful time..

Her scream reaches deaf ears and unconscious minds,

Case after case just continues to grind..

Time and again women protest telling the society, we are not an object

Time to teach your boys to show some respect..

And yes, we are free to choose as we dress,

So tell your boys to mind their own business..

Remember …

SHE is the one who gives you Life and protects you with all her might!