Many of us have experiences that whenever we do meditation or Mantra jaap or any other Sadhna, we feel doze off and fall asleep many times.

Here is a real story of a Sage.

Once upon a time there was a saint living near river . He becomes a saint in his fifties . He recites Ram Ram every time .

HIs method of chanting Ram Ram goes continuously irrespective of day and night. At night he sits on a Branch of tree and recites Ram Ram Ram Ram .

When sleep Came, he fall from the branch of tree into the river. In this way he never sleep Throughout the night .

One Night goddess of sleep I.e.nidra Devi, Appears before him Full of anger . And speak “,Dusht! , ab main kabhi tere paas nahi aaungi “, ( you evil ! I will never came to you again) 

Babaji said “,Padharo! 🙏🙏 (Very good)  

Image from pixabay

P.S.:- तुलसी भरोसे राम के, निर्भय हो के सोए। अनहोनी होनी नहीं, होनी हो सो होए।