Bikhean Seon Kaahe Racheyo Nimakh Naa Hoye Udaas |

Kaho Naanak Bhaj Har Manaa Parai Naa Jam Ki Phaas | 2 |

Why do you engage in filthy vices amiss!

Even for a second you did not enjoy detachment’s bliss.

O mind, sing the glory of Lord, ‘tis a Naanak’s advice,

Before the noose-fear of Death around thy neck ties.


Guru Ji advices us not to engage with filthy vices such as grudge, attachment (which says that everything must go according to my plan and my own desires, our ego has a hold on us), aversions and all duality. Ironically, we consider attachment as love. Detachment is the way that purifies our soul, and makes us understand the true love, and respect for others and firstly God and our self. Through detachment our love and respect for everyone increases, and we do not expect anything in return. When we do not have any selfish motive behind helping others or doing even our prayers: this is detachment. Our prayers become much pure if we do not them just for egoistic pursuits, but for the entire universe – Sarbat Da Bhalaa, the well-being of all.

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