Sat Gur Prasaad

Truth, Everconscious and Blissful is One who is all pervasive.

Gun Gobind Gaayeo Nahin Janam Akaarath Keen |

Kaho Naanak Har Bhaj Manaa Jeh Bidh Jal Ko Meen | 1 |

You did not sing the divine glory so chaste,

And spent thy precious life as a filthy waste.

Says Naanak, O mind, sing God’s name so pure,

As a fish thinks always of water, her only cure.


Guru Ji in his metaphorical language invites us to remember God like a fish, who cannot live without water even for a moment. Death is certain for her the moment she is out of water. For human being God’s name is essential for it makes our heart free from negativity and toxicity of negative emotions, which can cause havoc for us and for others around us. Guru Ji does not want us to be selfish beasts, but rather person of good quality, the more we think or sing the glories of God the more good virtues fill our mind, because our mind will be calm.

And we with divine grace will be able to improve our self and detect our own flaws, which gradually will fade away with patient practice and concentration. As Farid Ji, in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, says: If we want to live a virtuous and unblemished life, we must see not others’ faults, but rather our own heart and mind. This is only possible by singing glories of Almighty with love and devotion.