Few weeks ago, I came across these questions on Sanatan Dharma and about Gods who has played significant role in establishing Sanatan Dharma during their time on earth; normally I’d give a passive pass – okay… this is ignorance and selective understanding on the matter (ignore)! 

Well, let me share the questions with you… 

  1. Was Rukmini jealous of Radha Rani? 
  2. Why did Krishna had so many wives and other similar themed doubt on his sport with gopis! 

This made me contemplate on the matter.

If Lord came down to just showcase His powers, probably that will suffice imagination of those who seek their Lord or even Master’s to be perfect! As per their whims and fancy! What do you say? Isn’t it amazing to watch spider-man and superman? So powerful? Well! of course they are directed to mesmerize us on silver screen but beyond that what can we truly aspire from them? To be dutiful by having powers as they have? Well, don’t these character also lead as simple a life as normal human even in movies – Peter Parker? 😛

Lord incarnates, goes through trials and tribulations that a human goes through even more than that; as responsibility is multi-fold with such immense capability within! When Lord incarnate the times are tough. Has anyone derived inspiration from the acts of Superman or Spider-man that could be inculcated in one’s daily life? (Has anyone? pls. share!) Those superheros are such fun to watch, directed well! 

If Lord didn’t walk the path how will we learn or get the guidance from? Don’t we tend to tag different protagonist and people living their life / playing the role and make a set perception? And those tags are mostly somewhere our own projection of personality – good or bad / pure or impure / heroic or gentle! jaki rahi bhavana jaisi prabhu murat tin dekhi waisi or You see what lies within you! Feels like many a times we miss the point of learning from their righteous behavior or negating harmful behavior from their mistakes!

Isn’t it that,

when we tag a person with a quality attached to them as their only introduction, in our mind we build stiff walls of set impressions. Nothing will move! 

Next time you see that person, invariably you would be met with same feeling that they gave you earlier without even them doing a thing! 

What a sad web of – going in cycles, with same drowning emotions and feelings.

On a different note; impressions; good or bad are cyclic no matter what!

If you have watched the legendary Mahabharata. Mostly we tend to attach/interpret –

Duryodhana as embodying jealously, arrogance and stubbornness ( that behavior overshadowing his valour and skill of using mace). 

Shakuni  as deceit found a body to express itself! (devious intelligence but still intelligence!)

Bhima as Short temper and power house! 

Yudhishtir as Most Righteous one. 

If I am to include Lord Krishna in the above list of names then… 

Krishna – Lord did the sport of Rasa Leela only till the time He was a young, 12 years of age! That’s it. Rest of His life was spent in taking care of His people, trying to bring peace in political space (Mahabharat) and establishing ashrams and so on.

Wonder which part of His life we want to draw inspiration from and which quality of the Lord one wants to bring in our life? And most importantly in what context do we know of his life at different stage! It is mentioned in one of the books about Krishna that Lord always made a point to wake up at Brahma Muhurta i.e. waking 90 minutes before sunrise; and do Surya Namaskar.

Now that’s such a amazing quality to try to bring in our lives! 

A time, when a King would have more queens than just one. An event, 3,500 years before present times! 

Rukmini ji, a devoted loving wife ready to die for Him and Radha Rani, a lover with unconditional love. Ladies of immense integrity to their commitment!

We pick up all kinds of controversial aspect from Lord Ram and Maa Sita’s life but dare we pick the part where Lord abide by His Father’s words! Word By Word! 

Lord could use their abilities ( powers) to make their life easy but do not each one of us go through emotions and situations that they somewhere went through. If Lord’s life and his acts give us some inspiration to learn from, probably that is where the relevance would lie! Ever wonder why Swami ji always emphasis on the practical aspect of living life and deem texts that portrait a Guru or a yogi as Superman not worth paying serious attention to and of the nature inducing waywardness in an aspirant? Superman is also Peter Parker in his everyday life!

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