Om  Gum Gumpataye Namah!

I bow before thee

The Ganesha 

and raise my hand 

and shout 


The Gauri, son

and address him


“O! Scriber of The Universe 

for you verily 

 the only one 

the ultimate 

the Vinayaka 

for who so ever desirous 

of any wish shall

first, pay obeisance 

to the Ganesha 

the King of 

the auspicious beginnings

with these words 

in the feet of 

 the lord of the lords 

The Gauri progeny

Shiva’s son 


by his first name 

the Vakratunda 

the one with the 

curved trunk 

he is also known 

by his second name Ekdanta 

the one tusked 

he is also known by his 

third name 


the one with

big beautiful round 

brown eyes 

so deep are they look in

mesmerizingly deep

hypnotic eyes 

he is also known 

as the 


meaning whose 

head is elephantine 

in nature 

signifying intuition 

he is also known as the Lambodara

the one with a large belly 

well my Ganesha 

has a sweet tooth 

but he is cute 

he is known by his 

sixth name the Vikata 

the one with the huge body 

he is famous as 

the Vighnraja 

the remover of the obstacles 

his seventh most famous 

name is 

the Dhumvarna 

signifying the dark 

which is grey in color 

He wears moon 

on his auspicious forehead 

which calms the 

the fiery energy of the Kundalini 

hence he is known 

as the Bhalachandra

he is known by his 

tenth name which 

opens the closed gates 

for he is the 

master Vinayaka 

remover of the obstacles 

his title is that of the 


the head of the celestial army 

and his final name 

is the Gajanana

the one 

with the elephant face 

Those who read 

these words for six 

months thrice a day 

morning three times

afternoon three times

evening three times

for six months 

would see their 

labor bear fruit 

and for further 

chanting it again for 

six months 




three times 

three times a day 

would get the desired result 

the student shall get the wisdom 

the pauper shall get wealth 

the barren woman 

shall obtain the chosen child 

and those seeking salvation 

shall find salvation alive and fast 

no obstacles by the 

Lord Ganesha’s grace shall 

come in their way 

and if blocks do come 

then they shall resolve themselves 

by the Lord Ganesha’s grace

for know these 

words to be

 the eternal truth

I am a witness to this. 

I offer these words 

to eight Brahmans 

who shall be 

graced by the Lord Ganesha 

who shall further 

grace eight more brahmans 

and they shall 

receive the grace of 

the lord Ganesha too

and ad infinitum 

will this go on

till one morn 

when the whole world shall see

my beautiful Ganesha 

in the form of the Om

Om Gumpataye Namah!

Om Tat Sat Om!!!

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