While watching movie ‘Gunjan Saxena’… I went in the deep string of thoughts…. why in our society women are often blamed for giving birth to a girl child ? How come a well educated and literate people do not know that girls are equally important for the social equilibrium? Why a girl is attacked by the acid and why a girl child become victim of various men cruelty? Every man needs a mother, wife, sister then why not a daughter?

I really feel bad when I see news of aborting girl child or not welcoming a girl child wherein in my case my parents were praying for a girl child…. like wise there are alot of parents who cherish the birth of a girl child but what about rest of the people ?

The preference for a boy child over a girl, still persists all over the world.Today, In India the national average for births is 924 girls to 1,000 boys however in 1991 it was 945. The low numbers in a state like Delhi tells us the enormity of the situation.

Many Indians simply do not want daughters, who are still seen as a financial burden.
Right from her arrival, she faces discrimination, humiliation, and oppression at every stage of life.
If a woman gives birth to a boy or a girl …. The only need is to change the perspective to look at it!
There is a need to change this archaic mindset of the patriarchal Indian society which views girls as liabilities. She is also a human that is all that we have to remember, and that will end all the strife for her.

This string of thought made me
enunciate….. “Don’t Let Their Lives End Before It Even Begins”.