When I was younger, my grandma used to sing  me and my brother Ramayan till we were sound asleep. It was perfect, us being tucked in our beds and listening to what grandma was singing. It would make us fall asleep real quick.

Few months ago  I wrote about a fearful experience and how listening to bhajans made me feel at ease (here).

So, here’s what happened recently.

I watched a horror movie when I visited my cousin’s house. They forcefully made me watch Conjuring 2 (that too just the last 30 minutes of the movie ) and as a scaredy cat, I got several sleepless nights, thinking whether something there and continued being scared with the regular “Oh, what is that noise?” “Did you hear that?” and was constantly under fear. But, thankfully I was able to get 2 hours of sleep at night.

Sometimes, when I get nightmares or see some scary movie scenes in my dreams, I get scared and sit up, breathing heavily, analyse the room and reach to the nearest device to play soothing bhajans. I feel my heart at ease and in no time, I fall asleep.

I realised that I got this habit over the time and thanks to my parents and bua, they made Nitya Puja a regular habit .

With Smiles, 


Jai Sri Hari!