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Science and spirituality

To unveil our unknown self, our divine self and ultimate life energy; is deep structure of our being. There are many ways and paths, we are confronted. The path, is called, spiritual one, begins in exact moment of our birth. The path, in which has thousands points thinner than a hair string.
Focusing on those who have chosen this path, lets read some phrases of Frifjof Capra’ book “The Tao of Physics”:

“ I was sitting by the ocean one late summer afternoon, watching the waves rolling in and feeling the rhythm of my breathing, when I suddenly became aware of my whole environment as being engaged in gigantic cosmic dance. Being a physicist, I knew also that the sand, rocks, water and air around me were made of vibrating molecules and atoms, and that these consisted of particles which interacted with one another by creating and destroying other particles. I knew also that the Earth’s atmosphere was continually bombarded by showers of ‘cosmic ray’, particles of high energy undergoing multiple collisions as they penetrated the air. All this was familiar to me from my research in high-energy physics, but until that moment I had only experienced it through graphs, diagrams and mathematical theories. As I sat on that beach my former experiences came to life; I ‘saw’ cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I ‘saw’ the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I ‘heard’ its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the Dance of Shiva, that lord of Dancers worshipped by the Hindus.
The cosmos is seen as one inseparable reality-for ever in motion, alive, organic; spiritual and material at the same time.
Since motion and change are essential properties of things, the forces causing the motion are not outside the objects, as in the classical Greek view, but are an intrinsic property of matter. Correspondingly, the Eastern image of the Divine is not that of a ruler who directs the world from above, but of a principle that controls everything from within:

He who, dwelling in all thins,
Yet is other than all things,
Whom all things do not know,
Whose body all things are,
Who controls all things from within-
He is your Soul, the Inner Controller,
The Immortal.

What the Eastern mystics are concerned with is direct experience of reality which transcends not only intellectual thinking but also sensory perception. In the words of Upanishads, what is soundless, touchless, formless, imperishable, likewise tasteless, constant, odorless, without beginning, without end, higher that the great, stable. By discerning that, one is liberated from the mouth of death.
The Eastern mystics repeatedly insist on the fact that the ultimate reality can never been object of reasoning or of demonstrable knowledge. The Upanishads say about it:

There the eye goes not, Speech goes not, nor the mind.
We know not, we understand not
How one would teach it.”

These phrases are the guidelines that spiritual path and scientific facts match each other. That, yet, science doesn’t observe many aspects of our unconsciousness. That our journey towards universe inside leads us to the unity of life’s reality.

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