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It is a science of solar system and planetary movement’s effect on human being under their influence . However , The prediction of horoscope depends on 9 planets , 12 Rashis, 27 Nakshtra and 12 houses of 30 degrees , But there is no guarantee that prediction may be right or wrong , depends of quality of Astrologer , certain astrologer predict by not seeing the position of planets in horoscope , but they predict by seeing in your eyes , it might be because of his intuitive power or his sadhana .
Some people do correct prediction but not 100% based on their experience , knowledge and blessing by grace of God .
It is important to know that prediction of future cannot change or alter the quality of your life of a person but it may reduce the miseries up to some extent because , Destiny is defined , Even Almighty can not change , only your “karmic correction “may change your life and put you on right track and in right direction drastically .
As you are aware that Poornima moon can influence the sea and sea becomes crazy and tides are evoked in the sea , similarly moon also influence the human mental health since it is the signification of mind and the person becomes crazy during full waxing moon but if the person is well established and firm in thought , no waxing or waning moon can change his mental health .
We know that either object would influence us or we would influence the object , depends on us whether we allow them to influence us .
When divine power is functioning with in you , why to go to Astrologer to know the past and future . In our life , We suffer by the consequences of our malicious action only only and we are held responsible of our pleasure , happiness and sufferings .
Om Namah Shiva Astro Ashok 


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