A catchy tittle that drag my attention while I was browsing.. What!! A search engine that plant trees!! How that is even possible!! I took some time and researched about company, how it works and their moto behind this product. I found it very inspiring. So today I wanted to dedicate my article to ECOSIA

Before getting in to Ecosia Lets look how each human life causing damage to entire ecosystem.

  • Its a common saying “A match stick is neither good nor bad its depend on the hand that’s being used” you can light a lamp using match stick or burn a house. Similarly plastic is a very good invention but we are using it very badly. Tooth brush, paste creams, packed foods vegetables, utensil everything is plastic. its creating huge waste on this planet.
  •  After plastic Tissue is the most misused product. 17 trees will have to be cut down and 20,000 gallons of water contaminated in order to produce one ton of tissue paper.  That study also notes that 141 rolls per person per year is required in America.  There are  few other soft tissues, wet tissues which needs more trees. So its better to think, do we really need these many tissues just to wipe our shit?. 
  • Next comes beauty products makeups  etc. So many beauty product we use is a waste. We believed  some advertisements. No products can make you good looking because you born perfect, its just a marketing strategy not only that it damages our skin and hair and harm our nature.
  • There are many I can mention like over usage of automobile, electricity, water, toys, electronic items  list grows.

Most of us know this but we pay little attention to it. each time when find we water shortage, climate variation we blame others talk few words and satisfy our self. But some souls acted sensibly, and thought out of the box one such product is Ecosia.

Christian Kroll is a founder and CEO of this company. Christian studied business administration in Germany and decided to travel the world for some inspiration on a business model with a positive social impact. He visited  Thailand and India finally decided to stay in Nepal for a while to establish “Xabbel”, a local search engine that was supposed to help generate funds for local NGO projects. But he faced many problems like electricity internet connectivity etc. So he could not establish his company there but idea stayed with him. He continued his traveling and stayed in Argentina for a few months. He learnt a lot about reforestation projects in the Atlantic Rainforest in Argentina and Brazil. When he went back to Germany he started Ecosia. In one of his video he says “Its very difficult to rise a fund for a project which does not makes investors rich”.  Very true he invests all the money generated from this search engine to plant trees over 9000 planting sites. They planted 115 million trees!!.  To make it more transparent they show their income and how much they spend it to the user. pretty good right!!. 

There are many interesting fact about this company. They use solar power to run their company. Every Wednesday  they arrange vegan brunch for employees. Two days they can work from home which reduces fuel consumption moreover their transparency made this company very special you can see their work here and they take good care about user data privacy. So what we can do to support this beautiful idea?  Its very simple, just add  Ecosia extension to your browser. Each browse produces revenue which is used to plant the trees.

There are many rituals in India like bhoomi pooja(worshiping earth) and ganga pooja(worshiping water) .It was created in the sense of gratitude but we became so insensitive and we perform dry rituals next moment throw all the plastic and waste on mother earth or pollute rivers. Its time to act with awareness and fill our self with gratitude. Act, use all the things sensibly. To do that we no need to start company or a rally, with in our limits we can do it.

Here are some more inspirational stories.

1.Salumarada Timmakka: She have grown thousands of tree thinking they are her children’s watering each one with her hands.

2. Manjunath Hegade: He is growing 2 acers of forest in his farm and doing natural agriculture.

3. Wangari mathaai: Started green belt moment awarded Nobel peace prize.

I am giving these example to show you that we need to change our mind set and need to become more sensible in our life. Its high time to think. Its we who destroying nature and gifting that to our kids. I hope this post is helpful. 







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