My mantras are not the ones given by spiritual gurus which you need to chant repeatedly, my mantra is more of a guiding philosophy to live a peaceful life.

I have written this article to be read independently so that, even if you have not read the article on the first mantra you will find nothing amiss. Those of you who want to read about the first mantra can read here.

The second mantra for a peaceful life is :
Gratitude and thankfulness.

Gratitude and thanks are like inseparable twin brothers, whenever you offer gratitude to somebody, the other brother “thank you” is waiting to be expressed.

At this moment in your life, immaterial of whether you are dirt poor or super rich, healthy or suffering from multiple diseases, powerful or inconsequential, you may have acquired all the things you desired or none of your desires may have been fulfilled – offer a genuine heartfelt thanks to the universe, nature, god or whatever the higher power that you believe in.

The first thing you do as soon as you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed should be offering a few words of gratitude to the universe. Even, gratitude in silence would do. The universe would be very happy to hear from you, it will feel as happy as if receiving a long distance call from a child studying abroad. You get the feeling, right.

If you become aware of the fact that each and every moment, you are divinely protected in so many ways, you will live your life in perennial gratitude. Just visit a hospital to know the blessing of good health that you enjoy now. Do we express our gratitude for good health, No. We think we are entitled to good health. We would rather pray when things go wrong in our life instead of being thankful for the innumerable ways in which the universe is invisibly protecting us.

I remember one of my gurus quote which goes something on these lines. He said, from the time you wake up in the morning, offer thanks and be grateful to whatever you touch with your hands. It’s equally applicable to both living beings and lifeless objects. Try igniting a flame without a match box or a gas lighter, you will appreciate and thank the so called lifeless objects for making your life easier.

The long list of offering gratitude begins with thanking your parents who may be alive or exist no more. Remember, you wouldn’t have existed without your parents. Whether it’s your brother, sister, friend, acquaintance, driver, watchman, sweeper or whomever you can think of, they are making your life easier. The least you can offer them is a sincere ‘Thank you’. Don’t give courtesy thanks with fake smiles, doing nothing is much better.

Recently, I visited a hospital to get doctor’s prescription for a minor ailment. I had to wait for almost 4 hours to get my lab test reports. During this period I was observing the happenings around me. The nurse at the reception was working non-stop from early morning and lunch time had passed. I chatted with her about her lunch and she replied that she was accustomed to this work schedule and she would have her lunch only after 4.30 p.m. when all the patient appointments were cleared. She was doing her work diligently with a cheerful outlook. Don’t such people deserve our appreciation or thanks ?

Somebody might have helped you years ago, but if you get an opportunity don’t miss out on offering a profound thanks. Few years back, I used to work in an electronic shop. The pricing and stock keeping details were being maintained in an accounting software. The accountant, proprietor and myself were having access to this software.

The accountant was very slow in entering the incoming material details and this delay used to cause a lot of problems for me. I could not offer the best possible price and accurate product delivery time to the customer. I would manually write the current price with price markups, approximate stock in my diary for quick reference from the invoices received.

One of my customer was a computer science engineer who had recently graduated and returned from Germany. He was purchasing computer hardware components from our shop. During the course of one of our conversations he mentioned that he was developing softwares for local businesses in various sectors. He was a one man company with a single keyboard and two monitors in his office doing the majority of the work.

I told him about the problem I was facing while selling products and could he provide a solution for me. Within 15 days he developed a inventory and pricing management solution for use in a standalone computer. The software with my purchase invoice data inputs would calculate and display input price, price mark up, reseller price and end customer price with up-to-date stock details. He even added the functionality for sending pending payment reminders to our customers.

This software was developed for my working convenience and I could not ask the proprietor to pay the engineer for the software. Even the engineer did not ask for a single penny from me. During those times I could not spare any extra amount other than for my work related or household expenses. I could just gift him a book titled “Delivering happiness” which I was reading at that moment. But back in the mind, I was thinking that someday, somehow I will pay this guy for his help.

After seven long years, I tracked down this engineer through a common friend and transferred some amount to him as a token of appreciation through Google pay. The guy refused to even give the phone number linked to his bank account saying, he did the work for a friend and did not expect anything in return. I cajoled him to accept the money as a token of appreciation for his coding skills. I could literally feel his happiness through the phone call.

See, This is how the magic of gratitude works. I have also been a recepient of the magic of gratitude on numerous occasions. I offer my gratitude to the universe whenever I feel exhuberant and also when I feel down. Even problematic situations are thanked because it’s delivered in manageable proportions. The universe has been very kind to me and continues to shower it’s blessings for which I have no words to express but be a mute spectator and enjoy the blessings.

To conclude, I will end the article with a quote on gratitude by William Arthur ward :

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Rejoice with what you have expressing gratitude along the way. Divine grace will always lead you to a rich and peaceful life.

Look forward to my third and final mantra for a peaceful life in my upcoming article.

Image source : pixabay