Secrets behind of my Dreams

C.G.Jung, in his book: Man & His Symbols; explains and directs us to our unconsciousness language. How symbols talk to us about the personal and general truth.
He examines the full world of the unconsciousness, whose language, he believed to be the symbols constantly revealed in dreams. Convinced that dreams offer practical advice, sent from the unconscious to conscious- self. Jung felt the self-understanding would lead to a full and productive life. Symbols are complex, vague and unknown; dreams communicate with us in terms of symbols. Why? For the same reason that a stenographer uses shorthand code data in a form which can subsequently be decoded.
Our unconsciousness uses shorthand as well, but is not exactly easy to understand. …..Symbols are terms, names, or pictures which, even though sometimes familiar from daily life, posses “specific connotation in addition to its conventional and meaning.”
After this introduction, back to myself: since 25~30 years of age, I have trained myself to write down my dreams; my emotions and thoughts when I am not sleeping. Still, there is a pen and a notebook by my side in bed. In the way of my life till now, after 30 years; meaning and symbols of those dreams unveiled and get me closer to my unconsciousness. Let me share some of them with you:
15 years ago, I saw myself walking in a street, all of sudden saw Saturn, Solar eclipse and shining Sun in the sky. Quite close and clear, in a row.
8 years ago, I saw myself in front the door of my room, many people gathering in the hall of our house for informing me that the journey I am supposed to begin. In fact I didn’t know anything about this journey. They said, don’t be afraid of the way, you will be happy, safe and joyful. Also emphasized not be afraid of anything, you can begin this journey.
Now I explain the recent one, 2 days ago saw a mechanist said me; be careful the right head light of your car has went out.
On that day everything was the same as the other days; I went to my working place without any accident. Late at night, in the way back home, I found out the right rear tire is punctured. On that moment I remembered the alarming dream came from my unconsciousness. Fortunately I was quite near to our home.