Self deception can be defined as an act of lying to oneself or making oneself believe something which isn’t really true. It is liking hiding the truth from none other but from ourselves while fully knowing the truth deep within our conscience. Self deception is the worst lie of its kind because in self deception, the deceived and the deceiver are one and the same person and thus no room is left there to find out the truth. Some psychologist also term it as a personality disorder. 

However apart from this psychological state of mind, we also practice self deception in many other ways. We must always be mindful of the fact that infact we deceive ourselves first when we try to deceive others. We deveive and lie to our conscience first before deceiving or lying to others. We just don’t give it a thought before uttering a lie or to deceive others and later we tend to justify our lies at any cost and this ultimately creates hurdles in our spiritual growth because we end up with maligned consciousness.

I won’t say that I have never lied but I always try to remain conscious of not uttering any lie. Though sometimes I have to observe silence which at times has a tendency to become a half lie but believe me that when you remain mindful of being truthful, you get a kind of  awareness which helps to find out the lies people tell. There are numerous hilarious instances when I have caught their lies on their faces which prompts me to use this phrase often

I love listening to lies when I know the truth”.