Decipline is mandatory for everything in life,if there is no decipline there won’t be beauty and style in whatever you do,you may achieve successes without having decipline but in the end you will wander for self decipline ,self decipline is the way to live a healthy and happy life ,and it also shows light to others around you. For self decipline you do some observations of animals near by you how beautiful system they do have of self decipline. We human have much more things to do and think than them so we need more sophisticated self deciplined system, in India people in villages have nice society mangent ,water mangent ,issue mangement and of course self mangement and deciplined ststem.

For self decipline you can start with making your own food or help your family to make it,then you can increase your levels as per your understanding, or if you have any bad habit you can start with withdrawing from it.