You can’t always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.- Wayne Dyer


Life can be full of questions? Life can be full of opportunities? Life can be full of surprises? Life can be anything that we can dream of. Life can be what we can imagine and sometimes it can be what we can never understand.

There can be situations which can be controlled and there are situations which are not under our control. Throughout life we face situations, problems arise, and problem vanish still we are around, and we keep on living one step at a time. Situations can be like they are divided into two phases, one that can be controlled and another which can’t be controlled. Situations which can be controlled are always within our reach and are related to our mind and intellect, while the situations which are not in our control are the ones which are external. We can fight with our thoughts and mind and bring in peace, but it is always tough to fight with our external factors as they are usually driven by someone else, and we can’t always have control over other peoples thought and thinking. We can just keep our thought process in check and rest we need to understand. The best way to be at peace is respect the other persons opinion and try to make it a point that you don’t enter their personal and they don’t enter yours.

Fighting with other physically is possible but if this fight is mental then we need to think twice before we conclude what is more important our peace of mind our ego which is to be satisfied in the process.