My mind was completely scattered
and also it was completely shattered
I was looking for some solace
to come out of that mess
I was left with no option
the agony was in every action
I got tired of my own self
And looked at YOU, in that reft
I just let go of myself
YOU smiled and held this “Self”
From that day, YOU took the complete charge
Like a puppet, I started holding on to YOU every moment to get recharge
Journey started from gross existence
and then in turned out to be “SOUL’s” reminescence
From Gross to Subtle, From Subtle to Causal
I was flowing with YOU, but sometimes in denial
Every breath of mine was getting deeper
Mind was becoming sublime and YOU were it’s weaver
YOU showed me many aspects of YOGA
For me YOUR name alone became my JOGA
YOU again extened my vision
YOU reside in every being and in every season
YOU made me realise that Seva Bhav is above all
Holding my hands YOU broke my perception wall
I was dazzled before, but now I can see clearly
Eveywhere and in Everyone I started seeing YOU finally
But still much more was there to learn
And for that I need to unlearn
My big fat “EGO” started telling me, “Oh Wow! It’s you who is doing.”
When I looked at YOU puzzled, YOU told me,”Ignore, whatever he is telling.”
“Who are you to do anything? Who are you that you are giving? And who is that one who is taking?”
“When “I” alone reside in everyone then who are you serving and who is taking?”
“you are serving yourself and you are only taking.”
“Infact be humble and grateful to that soul who is giving this opportunity.”
“Do everything as if it’s your duty.”
“Don’t get carried away by this false identify.”
“It’s only ME in you till eternity.”