As I’m 27+ now having a great family pressure to getting married . Many of my friends has got married and have kids as well .All the girls i thought of getting married got married too.
Few are left but their reasons are genuine there studies is still going on .
But in my case now I have no perfect excuse to delay or avoid this topic with family except financial problem in which they say , we will get you a working woman .
You both will earn together .
Its become more frustrating when my Uncle and Aunt ( Mama and Mami) try to convince me to get married because with mom at least
I could fight and debate with her . But with them Its not possible .

Should I get married or not ?

After seeing my parents unsuccessful married life .I had decided in my childhood that I will never get married .
I have even asked for advice to my many newly married friends most of them tells me to get married but those
whom I consider intellectual inteligent they advised me not to get married in any circumstances.
And Spiritual leaders whom I admire most Om Swami ji and Osho they are also not in favor of marriage . Even divorce rate is also increasing rapidly in our country . New generation is not comfortable with marriages and responsibilities. Anyone can overcome loneliness with smart phones and internet.  

But on the other hand in this age if you are not married and don’t have partner there is no place for you in Society .
Even its very hard to attend family functions. Your best friends who are now married don’t like your company anymore .
Even in professional work Management have no soft corner for you “why he wants hike in salary “, why he wants leave ,
come on you are a bachelor you can work on Sunday too .
Even my Mummy taunts me whole day theses days  I cant cook anymore ,I don’t wash your cloths 
So I also answer her that bride these days don’t serve there mother-in-law . You will have to work for her also that’s why
I’m not going to marry.😉
People who wants to trap me in marriage life make me count its benefit you will get a romantic life , a partner to share your feelings , a emotional support etc.
but deep inside I know these are just short term benefits . All I want from this life is a small house in Himalayas.

Whoever I meet these days everyone asks the same question Shadi kab kr rahe ho ( When are you getting married ). Abhi karlo baad me pachtaoge koi milegi bhi nahi .  

Whats your advice ??