So after a fissled first larka dekhna ceremony ,it was unanimously a family desicion to increase our network area to look for a suitable match* ( not cricket or football though) .The news paper was the most preferred option ,my aunts mom s friends or dad s colleagues, many had got married successfully through this medium! For a selected matrimonial add response, we need to attatch the picture of the prospective candidate along with the biodata! In Delhi there were( are still there without business with mobile phones coming) special studios like Prem studio, Rangoon studio and Rajkumar studio which had long waiting for that perffect attractive and appealing product display picture! ( philip kotler rule of marketing..
Packaging and placement)So now started the main confusion do i get photographed in A Saari,a decent appreciated salwar suit ,a jazzy hot red top with jean! What kind of family would select me depended on my attire ,also families take the photo graphs to their family pandit and face readers to analyse girl s nature based on her length of neck or depth of eyes! As i went very natural in my office attire a decent Navy blue high neck embroided suit the Photographer s first question was…is it Marriage profile picture? To a yes ,he called the senior most hands trembling artist photographer uncle who s photography skill were said to be so good that all suitors got selected atleast to be met once by prospective marriage suitors! So uncle photo grapher took my six poses, asking me to pull my stomach in,think of something naughty and smile ,not show my teeth ,again and again comb my boy cut hair ,give a left side pose, no pouting ,giving kindness in eyes, tilt your head, tounge pulled up and touching pallet to avoid double chin look! How much like a sellable product..but thats truth of most arranged marriages atleast in India ,the lighter the colour, sharper the feautures ,longer the hair ,slimmer the waist and air hostesser the hight…more and more choices! Less and less dowry demand and richer father in law too! So finally i got my photograph clicked ,now was time to make a Bio data ..
Thats for tomorrow…