“Bhuvan, this time you have to keep this amount. Its a request,” most politely I said.

In his usual humble manner, every word coming directly from his heart, he repeated his ever usual reply, “Can a son take money for his services from his parents? No, not at all. Don’t even think of this.”

“But, this is not your fee dear. This time its a Shagun. See its my first visit to your this new centre,” my tone got even more humble.

“No way. Due to covid I couldn’t do any opening ceremony, could not invite anyone, hence no question of Shagun.”

“Dear, you have to keep this. See now I am getting older and would need to see you more often. I feel hesitant.”  I insisted. 

“Do I charge my parents….? How can I charge you? Sir (my husband) has been my mentor since I started my practice. You both have always guided me all along. Your blessings are all that I need.”

“Our blessings are always with you beta. You are that obedient son who never asks for anything from parents. Parents always want to give more to such a son. Please keep this…. “

He maintained his stand as he always does. I requested him, tried to counter his every answer. Even reminded him of my lazy going ways due to which I have never paid a home visit to them, not getting a chance to meet his kids and so on….

No use. He didn’t budge from his stand of not accepting any money for his skills as a dentist.

Then automatically my mind threw another counter point.

“Let me try to tell you how I feel. See, as there are two forms of God— NIRAKAAR and SAKAAR— both are true. Yet SAAKAAR form is always more joyous and relatable. Similarly, my blessings are the niraakar form of my feelings and this Shagun is the sakaar form. Sakaar always carry the nirakaar in itself. Right? I don’t have any better way to explain to you dear. Look at my face expressions! Are they not the testimony to my feelings.”

This is how the discussion went on and after a good 5 minutes of a very hearty exchange, finally he accepted the money.

And while leaving, I had to request him to remove those heavy N-95 double masks so that I could see his ever smiling face. Courtesy of COVID. Without looking at his face, my visit would not have felt complete to me.😊

Such a HEARTY exchange emitted a surge of much needed positive energy. The much needed energy that pulled me out of the recent 24 hours long, teary phase of emotional pain and sadness.

Such is the working of Divine that a visit which was due since long, happened yesterday. A visit that was God’s planning, at the right time to right person.

Jai Shri Hari🌹

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