As a daughter of an non onion and garlic eater family ,my most marriage party invitations as a child made me dream of Shahi paneer, naan and Gulab jaamun ,but ended up in humble khichdi after coming back home early as a humble family which could not wait for the drunkards to finish dancing and the buffet to be available. Khichdi was the fastest and easiest aswelll most nutritious way mum could serve us. Next rememberance aswell as still a practice in our house hold was the whole family eating khichdi if even 1 member of family had an upset stomach.

So ones karma had to be born by all in his kaarmik field by eating khichdi though the healthy ones could eat paapad, pickle and curd with it. The next rememberance is of men of the house going for official tours and then who cooks elaborate but eat khichdi and relax. Khichri is usualy made in different states of India with different ingredients and on different occasions. Greek king Seleucus mentions Indians having Khichdi extensively in 300 b.c, Moroccan travel Ibban batoota too mentions Khichri as a comfort food of Indians. Russian adventurer Niktin who visited Indian subcontinent 6 times in 15th century ,mentions the Khichree too…

Khichri is also mentioned in Mughal era..when there is a story of Birbal ki khichdi, Jahangir used to eat khichdi with saffron ,pistacho and choicest of spices and dry fruit,where as Aurangzeb s Alamgiri khichri had fish and boiled eggs. In Colonial era the Britishers who had a very sensitive stomach liked our Khicree so much that they adopted it in their b fast menu in their home country with name Kedgree. From a little baby who starts learning to eat food at 4 months to a toothless 90 year old khichdee is a humble and nutritional solution. It s Sai baba s favourite prasaad and also served in durga pooja pandaals and jaggan naath temple. Where as Kashmiris use khichdi as a sacrificial food on Khestsimavas ,in Himachal khichdi is cooked with black chana or rajmaa in butter milk and topped with ghee! In Orissa its cooked with sweet potatoe and called Habbiso.Parsis cook the humble khichdi with prawn and coconut milk.The people of Gujrat eat khichree with Kari ,its a staple breakfast for kuttchee people! In Haryana khichri is had with as much ghee as daal Nd rice , in Tamil nadu our sooper food khichdi takes the name Pongal where as in Karnatka its known as Huggi and in Hyderabad is served mixed with Keema as a breakfasf dish inspired by Nizaams! Bengalis adress it as Khichuri and love to eat it with fried beingan. Even Bihar loves aloo bhartaa and tomatoe chutney with Khichri..
For new generation Tomatina and italiana khichdee are a great attraction with food chains as Khichdiwaala serving many flavors of Khichdi.

Our neighbours Pakistan and bangla desh too use Humble khichdi in Ramzaan as breakfast dish. In 2018 Swamiji s Delhi devotees united to make a Khichdi group to serve cancer patients of Aiims hospital every alternate day with pure desi ghee and best quality lentils and rice, it was made in a local Gurudwara. It realy served the babies ,old and sick and was highly praised even by our Loving Swamiji in black lotus event. My humble prnaams to Khichdi. We all can comment on how khichri has alway come to our rescue in odd times.

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