I was overjoyed

That she said,” Yes!”

I was overjoyed

That she hadn’t said, ” No” in a long time.

It won’t happen,

 I am broken,

I cannot come back to myself,

 It’s all very difficult!

It’s not in my destiny-

And how many more

Such sentences. full of

Heartbreak, had become a part of

Her daily parlance.

No, not, difficult, never

Had become her favorite words.

Today, when she said,

I want to learn something,

I want to study something,

I want to hum something,

And I want to write a song that has taken my fancy-

I felt that somewhere, somehow,

I had become a part of her life.


              Hello Pariwar, hope everyone is fine.  According to me. the best thing for a teacher is when their students show interest in their class. Most of the time , you will find that the students sit like  statues in class, they don’t know what is even going on today, they are in their on rail of thoughts or the correct way is that they don’t under stand what the teacher is trying to convey.The present scenario of the Pandemic has made teaching even difficult. First in the class, by looking the face of the child you can tell that he has understand the concept or not. But today in the zoom/google meet we can’t even say or know whether they have grasped the concept or not.Today’s generation kids are more knowledgeable than us. they know how to skip the class online..  It’s true that in these difficult times , many have lost their dear ones, many have lost their jobs and many are struggling to meet their daily needs.I feel for them but as a teacher the  I also feel is that education has also been lost in this time period. Mostly binge watching and gaming have taken an important place in their lives.To tell you the truth,  I do myself watch a lot of series. but jokes apart. Coming to the point, I would like to share my experiences with you as a teacher and problems I faced while teaching , how  I connected with my students and how the education has gone down in our system. 

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the poem, it’s not written by me, I am not a very good writer. The poem was written in Hindi by a teacher named Hemraj Bhatt in his diary. He was a primary school teacher in Uttarakhand, he wrote his experiences in his diary. Reading the poem made me realised my role as a teacher. 







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