Shankara was in his garden watering the plants. He was enjoying the droplets in the leaves. Even small things like these bring him bliss. He was the source of joy for those around him. They come to him for guidance,  their problems or for just spending time around him is enough for some.

His son Kumaran, the charming prince of the house came galloping into the garden announcing the arrival of a couple.

Raghu and Priya were a newlywed couple married hardly a year ago. Shankar liked the couple a lot. They were young, energetic and well mannered. A perfect made for each other couple.

Shankar met them in his living room. By looking at the manner the couple were sitting on the sofa, he guessed the distress between the couple. After formalities both the couple started accusing each other. They asked the counsel of Shankara. He looked at them and said, from tomorrow both of you should wake up early, be physically active attend my asana classes weekend and gave additional instructions. The couple were dumbfounded.  Without allowing them to talk, Shankara asked the couple to meet him after 3 months.

Raghu and Priya had great respect for Shankara so they followed his advice religiously but couldn’t wonder the rationale behind his advice.

They met him after 3 months. Shankara as always was grinning. He listened to both the couple and advised them. He promptly pointed out the changes each had to make. The couple were very satisfied and heeded his advice. Before leaving they looked at each other wanting to ask one last question. Shankar chuckled and said ok, I get it. So you are wondering why I did not say this 3 months back itself.”

Physiology of problem.

Shankar’s said, Look you might have a very good variety of seed but for it to grow into a crop it needs to be sown in a fertile land. Three months back both were not good physically. You were not having the patience to sit and talk. Both did not dare to face your issues. These are not just psychological issues but physiological also.

Imagine if you go to Krishna with your problems, he would advise you a lot. He talks about Gunas, Yoga, Samatva, Dharma and more. If you go Shiva he might not talk much. Instead, he will give you methods to follow, 112 methods of meditation, Asthanga Yoga or he would even ask you to go to a burial ground.  Krishna’s philosophy prepares you psychologically and Shiva’s methods prepares you physiologically to solve your issues.

Why two eyes?

Shankar’s continued, we all have two eyes, why is that? Can’t we manage with one eye? If we look with one eye, yes we will be able to identify things in front of us, but only with two eyes, we can understand the depth. Likewise for any issue in our life, first solve your physiological issues. If the right hormones are in your body, you will be more content, patient, compassionate and courageous. This itself will solve most of your issues. 

Seed and land 

If a farmer wants good produce he basically requires two things, one is fertile land and good quality seeds. If even one is not of desired quality the produce will not be of high quality. Likewise if you want to have a quality lifestyle, you need to be fit physically and mentally. So next time whenever you are faced with a problem, Don’t forget Shivas Methods or Krishna’s Philosophy.

Raghu and Priya we’re extremely relieved. They took the blessings of Shankara and went home.

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