Every human passes through the stage of childhood.
Happiness was always at your service, although the life you barely understood.

You made friends, played in mud and never complained.
Nothing mattered to you then, because your happiness didn’t need to be explained.

You weren’t bothered about the chaos around you, all the pain people went through.
You believed life was just this, you played all day and slowly you grew.

Days passed, things changed, people changed, now you could no longer play.
You were gradually taught to face every obstacle that came your way.

People to whom you once mattered, were never same again.
You failed to accept the change and the pain made its way to your heart, to remain.

Words unspoken, broken hearts and wet eyes is all that was left with you now.
You existed with a hope that someday everything will fall in place somehow.

Nobody wished to listen to what you had to say.
They had already made their minds to keep you away.

Your heart sank for all the struggles you went through till the day.
You were kind enough to lift people up and walk with them all the way.

No matter what you have gone through, forgive, forget and keep moving.
Life is short lived for all the worries,keep faith for life is still amusing.