Sheetal got married to Satish just after graduation at the age of 21.It was an arranged marriage of the pampered and pretty petite Sheetal who was the only sister of her 3 brothers. Her father not though too educated and polished really loved her as a Devi swaroopa and spent a fortune in clothes, jewellery and arrangements of Sheetal s marriage to her own Bua s( father s cousins sister) Devar ( husbands s brother) who had seen fair ,long haired and gorgeous Sheetal in a common marriage! In fact Sheetals father and brothers loved her so much that each day they sent her milk and vegetables from there 22km away parental house while any of her brother was on the way to their factory! Even her clothes were dry cleaned by parental house paying bills once when Her husband Satish s sister had commented on her extravaganza! Satish ,Sheetal s husband was the youngest son among 5 siblings and the most pamperred one too.With cute looks like Amir khan and a whole floor of 5 rooms to himself aswelll as a very hardworking father he had a Vimal clothes shop in South Delhi s paush Aurobindo market! With latest car ,music system ,clothes and as much pocket money needed he barely passed his class 12th as he fell in trap of having beer with school freinds after each exam completion from class 10 boards only! Beer changed to whiskey very soon and occasions changed to daily drinking in no time! Weather his family dint know this or hid it from Sheetal is still a riddle ! At Shimla honeymoon only Sheetal got to know of Satish s addiction to alchohol but her Father who himself had a peg of wine after each days hard work rejected the addiction complaint saying it must be marriage s excitement and Shimla s cold weather which made Satish finish a bottle of whisky a day! Any ways Satish was a sweet natured no nonsense person and he really pamperred Sheetal with regular holidays out of station, a lot of freedom to visit her parents even thrice a week , jewellery and saarees each month and a team of 2 servants ,a driver ,a gardner and a cook with giving her right to deal how so ever she wanted with his siblings and parents! With in the first 4 months Sheetal conceived a baby but her joy came to an end at the first ultrasound when she got to know that the baby had no heart beat! Satish was drunk when she broke this news of their dreams shattering to him! Sheetal s mom took her to her parental house for some days to elevate her mood and do some pooja paath! Meanwhile when she was away Satish started going for work alternate days and his addiction for alcohol increased even further! Fast forward 13 years in marriage ,no kids ,8 miscarriages and 2 failed ivfs , lockers full of jewellery and Satish all the time home drinking alcohol as water from the time he got up Sheetal was this time pregnant with quadriplats! She had attempted thrice to put Satish in de addiction center and got some chip inserted in his body too ,kept body guards to stop his drinking and was now handling his finances too but his addiction to alchohol re appeared every time.Finally Divine answered Sheetal s prayers and she had 3 Triplett boys of 1.2 kgs each! With 3 servants, 1 nurse and 2 bhabees and a wise mother Sheetal went to her mom s house after the babies having a 6 day completion ( chatee and namkaran )Havan .Satish was so happy becoming a father after 14 years he loaded Sheetal with her favourite diamond ,ruby and emerald jewellery! He himself stayed at his parental house drinking whiskey morning, afternoon, evening and night! Once a week he visited his cute little boys who were now 5 weeks old and had started smiling! One early morning the land line phone of Sheetals mom rang and Sheetal only picked it to scream and be in shock! Satish was no more! He had stumbled down the stairs in a drunk state! The servants got to know this at 5 am ,and rushed him to the nearest local doctor just to be told he had no life in him! Sheetal tells me the vaccination, milk schedules and diaper changing aswell Property papers of husband transferred immideately in her son s name dint let ber have enough time to mourn or cry on Satish s death! She is now an independent and confident woman with 3 adult boys ! Tell me freinds should she have left a husband because he was a Drunkard?