Your heart of gold
O Mother
is pure like a silken reflection
of the blood moon upon this earth.

Your darling smile
tilted to the side
has only ever brought me joy.

If tears have rolled
it’s because the love You pour
has overflowed like wine from a chalice.

As a river in flood
has little control over where it goes
each day these feet find your door.

A lifeless bird in life’s palm
for so long I’ve yearned for air
for love.

Now You are here
the wings of your grace
have grown on my back.

Sometimes in a day
I’m far from perfect
but the wings have never disappeared.

In my ignorance
with a sword in hand
I’ve walked through life.

It’s in standing in your
luminous shadow the sword
has fallen from my hands.

Oh in breathing the same air as You
my heart forever fills with joy
like a pup to her Mother.

If for a few hours
we’ve not met it is as if
a great loss has visited me.

As I lay my gaze
upon your gentle face
I know the loss is real.

In seeing You each day
from close
I’m now thirstier than before.

They say You quench all thirst
and here my throat is parched
from wanting to be with You.

O beautiful Mother
calm of the ocean
serenity of the sky
You are the fire in my burning heart.

Your beauty is the finest
of all things the Universe bears
it lives in my master
as wind in air.

They are essentially the same
as the surface of the ocean
and depth are the same.

One is quiet
one is moving
and the devotee loses all sense.

O Divine Mother
please accept my prayer
I no longer know what it is
You are it…it’s all I know.